SCAR Squad

Here at Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex, we value our volunteers and all of their hard work and dedication.  It takes special people to help special animals in need.  We would like to recognize all of this hard work by profiling these wonderful people and letting the world know how proud we are that they’ve chosen to volunteer for such a noble cause with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.

Volunteer Spotlight


Hayley has been a foster and volunteer with SCAR since 2018.  She decided to start volunteering because she loves the work that SCAR does for animals, and after her dog passed away, she was missing her fur-baby and wanted to start helping animals in need.  Hayley has fostered numerous dogs over the past year+, and continues to do so, so that the Rescue can continue saving lives.  She enjoys the feeling of giving a good family a new furry member to love.  If you’re thinking about fostering with SCAR, Hayley encourages you to “Do it!!!” because the work that SCAR does for animals is incredible and the more people that foster and volunteer, the more animals that can be saved and united with their forever homes.  Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor/Essex County is proud to have such an incredible foster ambassador and, in our opinion, “She’s a keeper.”


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