SCAR Squad: Lori

Here at Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex, we value our volunteers and all of their hard work and dedication.  It takes special people to help special animals in need.  We would like to recognize all of this hard work by profiling these wonderful people and letting the world know how proud we are that they’ve chosen to volunteer for such a noble cause with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.

Volunteer Spotlight


Lori started volunteering with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex in early 2018 after adopting SCAR alumni, Eddie.  She got interested in the rescue process and wanted to find out how to help more dogs get rescued.  The thought of having to leave dogs behind just because there might not be enough people to help run an organization was heartbreaking.  Lori started helping with the adoption process, checking references and communicating with potential adopters, as well as volunteering at events and providing graphic design help to give the rescue a better overall digital presence.  Every volunteer brings their strengths to an organization and Lori has a particular talent with creating great flyers and images for our events and needs.  Lori puts her heart into everything she does for SCAR, even one flyer requesting new fosters could bring a new family on board to save another life.  Lori has now joined the SCAR Fundraising Team, helping to develop event ideas and organize ways to raise donations for the rescue.  She says that volunteering is what you make it, and the effort and commitment she provides the rescue speaks volumes; Lori is committed to helping the rescue save dogs that have no voice and no choice when they end up in shelters or on the streets.  Lori thinks SCAR is an amazing organization to volunteer with and enjoys being a part of the team.  We at SCAR are so fortunate to have such a talented and committed volunteer in Lori.

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