SCAR Squad: Pat

Here at Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex, we value our volunteers and all of their hard work and dedication.  It takes special people to help special animals in need.  We would like to recognize all of this hard work by profiling these wonderful people and letting the world know how proud we are that they’ve chosen to volunteer for such a noble cause with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.

Volunteer Spotlight


Pat has been with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex since our humble beginnings in 2015.  She had been volunteering with a cat rescue organization until it closed and was looking for another opportunity to stay connected to rescue.  One day, someone dropped off a kitten in her backyard in the pouring rain and when she was looking for help for it, she was told about SCAR and decided to get involved.  Pat considers herself a ‘cat person’ but loves all of the animals in the Rescue and enjoys seeing them find their furever homes; each animal has their own personality and needs and SCAR works to find each animal a good home.  Pat is such a dedicated and reliable volunteer, always ready to help at events.  Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex can always rely on volunteers like Pat who create the backbone of our Rescue.

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