SCAR Squad: Jodie

Here at Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex, we value our volunteers and all of their hard work and dedication.  It takes special people to help special animals in need.  We would like to recognize all of this hard work by profiling these wonderful people and letting the world know how proud we are that they’ve chosen to volunteer for such a noble cause with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.

Volunteer Spotlight


Jodie is a volunteer-of-all-trades for Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.  After losing 2 fur babies to old age, she was looking for a way to help dogs in need.  So, in 2017, Jodie began attending events and helping out where she could.  Currently, Jodie is focusing on performing reference checks for applications that the rescue receives from potential adopters and fosters.  Sometimes an invisible part of the rescue, the work that is performed ‘behind the scenes’ is often the most important.  In order to ensure that the dogs in the rescue never find themselves at a shelter again, we must vet prospective adopters and fosters to ensure that they are the right home and family for the right dog; SCAR is so thankful for volunteers like Jodie who provide this vital service.  Jodie enjoys volunteering with SCAR, seeing what a difference a good adoption can make in an animal’s life, as well as the family that adopts them.  It’s win-win.  If you’re thinking about volunteering with SCAR, Jodie recommends volunteering whatever time that you can.  A little help goes a long way.


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