Adopt a Dog

Dog Adoption Applicant Agreement – READ BEFORE YOU APPLY

  1. I hereby give permission to Second Chance Animal Rescue of Windsor-Essex County to contact my veterinarian(s) to verify any and all animals that I currently have or have had within the past 5 years and to confirm their vaccination records and healthcare provided.  I will contact my veterinarian(s) to give permission for a SCAR representative to discuss my file prior to completing the adoption application.
  2. I hereby give permission to Second Chance Animal Rescue of Windsor-Essex County to contact 3 personal references.  These are unrelated persons who have known me for 5+ years and can speak to my lifestyle and pet care.  I will contact these references to ensure that they are willing and able to speak to a SCAR representative about me.  I will ensure to provide each references full name and best contact phone number.
  3. I understand that my home will be subject to screening during an adoption process.
  4. I understand and agree that the care, feeding, training and well-being of an animal is an ADULT RESPONSIBILITY even if there are children in my home.
  5. I understand that I may not be able to adopt the animal that I have chosen if my lifestyle or home do not match the requirements of the animal.
  6. I certify that all information provided in my application is true and correct.
  7. I understand that the application remains the property of Second Chance Animal Rescue of Windsor-Essex County. I understand that Second Chance Animal Rescue of Windsor-Essex County reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone at SCAR’s sole discretion.

The dog adoption application will take about 1-2 hours to complete.  This is a LONG application because we take this process seriously and the more information we can gather, the better we are able to be sure it is a right fit for the dog and family. We ALWAYS take our pets back should it not work out, in fact this is written into the adoption contract you will complete if you are approved, however, it is best for pets, families and the rescue if we get it right the first time in finding the perfect forever home. We appreciate you understanding and being part of the solution in saving dogs lives.

If there is a link for you to click on, it is best to “right click and open in a different window” otherwise your information will be lost! We cannot/will not process applications if information is missing or incorrect.  Please answer all questions in FULL DETAIL, text answers are expected to be more than one or two words. We reserve the right to discard any applications that have not been completed in full. 

Please read the entire bio of the dog you are interested in to make sure you are aware of the requirements for that dog.

Please note that we are a volunteer-run organization.  It typically takes at least 7-14 days to process your application (including reference checks).  We only reply to applications that are a suitable match for the dogs currently in our care. We are unable to disclose any reasoning or details behind why we have chosen not to move forward with an application or adoption.   Should your family be deemed as suitable for the dog that you have expressed interest in, we will be in touch to follow up with more questions and information.  If you adopt another dog or are no longer interested in adopting a dog from us, we’d appreciate being notified so that we may remove your application from consideration.

After applying, please check your junkmail/spam for emails from us.

We thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog and the time you spend completing this application.

SCAR does not have the resources to adopt animals to the United States and we can only adopt within a 200 km radius of Windsor, Ontario.  Please do not apply if you do not live in Ontario, within 200 kms of Windsor.

By proceeding with the dog adoption application, I certify that I have read and understood the information provided above.

NOTE: If you are filling out this application for someone without internet access, please ensure to add this detail in one of the comments sections of the application. If someone wanting to apply requires a paper copy of the adoption application (note that this is a long document), please reach out to us to make a request. A paper copy may be emailed to someone then printed for the applicant or they will have to visit us at a public adoption event to retrieve their copy. This is by special request only.


Questions? Contact an Adoption Associate at

After you apply:

A volunteer will contact you to follow up on your application (if completed in full).  We receive many applications for our animals and have only a few volunteers to process them, so it can sometimes take a while.  Please be patient.

We take all steps necessary to ensure our rescue animals are perfectly matched to their new families.  This can often take some time but is always certainly worth it.  We appreciate your patience and support.  Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue animal!