SCAR Squad: Linda and Shannon

Here at Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex, we value our volunteers and all of their hard work and dedication.  It takes special people to help special animals in need.  We would like to recognize all of this hard work by profiling these wonderful people and letting the world know how proud we are that they’ve chosen to volunteer for such a noble cause with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.

Volunteer Spotlight

Linda and Shannon

Linda and Shannon are a mother-daughter super duo who started fostering with Second Chance Animal Rescue in the summer of 2017.  They came to our rescue because they wanted to be part of a rescue that does amazing work that not only helps animals but also the community.  They have fostered many animals over the past year and a half, including helping to birth and raise Emma’s puppies.  Emma gave birth to 11 puppies overnight in January 2018 and Linda and Shannon were there every step of the way.  Sadly, within a few days, one of the puppies passed away.  Little Rue now resides across the rainbow bridge but will always hold a special place in their hearts.  As for the other 10 puppies, Linda and Shannon raised them until they were ready for adoption and they are all healthy, happy pups thanks to the skill and love they were raised with.  Linda and Shannon continue to open their home and their hearts to more animals because it is one more life saved.  They continue to foster with SCAR because it’s more than just a rescue, it’s a family!

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