Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Approx. DOB: December 7, 2022
Weight: 11.2 lbs
Sex: Female
Energy Level:  high energy
Adoption Fee:  $600.00

-Zuri can be the only dog in the home
-If there are children in the home, they must be 12+ years old and respectful of a dog’s boundaries
-Zuri’s home must have a fully secured fenced yard (no apartments)

Well, hello there! My name is Zuri and I’m looking for my fur-ever home!

I’m a crate trained gal and usually stay in my crate overnight, or for a couple hours at a time during the day. It’s cozy and I tolerate it very well. I remain calm and quiet when people are away, but I get a little stressed when I see people leave. I’m not quite house-trained, but hey, I’m working on it! I use pee pads when I’m alone. I do my business outside as well but need some encouragement to keep consistent. My people say this word “outside” and I get what they’re putting down! So people say I can be a bit of a FLIGHT RISK. I’m a squirmy girl, so I can wiggle out of my harness and am always “on the run.” A SECURE fenced yard and double leashes is best for me at all times. 

I’m a healthy girl and eat very well – I am not picky! I sometimes get protective when humans get near my food though, so my new parents will need to be mindful of when I guard my food, perhaps feeding me in a private area such as a crate would be best so that I don’t think that someone is trying to take my food away. When I’m playing with my toys, I let other animals and people join in on the fun! My humans can take toys away from me no problem! I love a good round of tug of war. My humans can also open my mouth and hold me fairly easily! I just like to wiggle around, that’s all. I don’t really like going to the groomer, so finding someone that I can trust would be ideal.

So here’s the thing, I can be a little destructive at times. I just love to gnaw on my toys and stuffies, and if I don’t have any, I’ll find the closest piece of furniture and have a good chew. But hey, once you redirect my attention, it’s all good! I’ll happily get my toy as a replacement.  It’s all part of being a growing puppy.  

I’m a pretty good listener! If I’m on the furniture and my humans don’t want me up there, all they have to do is point to the floor, or tell me to skidaddle, and I’ll move! Some groovy words I know are “outside”, “treat”, “potty” and “hungry”. I know what you’re thinking – what a smart girl! I haven’t met those things called “cats” or “kids” yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll like them or not! One thing I do like is getting pets and scratches! Strangers can sometimes make me anxious. I can come off as a little possessive or upset towards other dogs, but all I want to do is play and sometimes people misread my body language! I’m getting there and am on the right track. I know I need to share and be more gentle – I’m learning!

I like walking; when I see my humans grab my leash, I first think “oh yay, a walk!”, but then I think “oh boy, that makes me a little nervous.”  I walk better without other dogs as they can distract me, but with some training, I know I can do better. I also enjoy car rides! I get buckled in so I can’t walk about as I do like to look out the windows.

I love to play and snuggle. I just want to be close to you or on you at all times! I love to lay in my own bed/crate and just know you are near. I’ll become so in love with you and I hope you’ll feel the same about me. I think it would be best if I’m the only dog in your home so I can flourish to my full potential.

I’ve been told I’m quiet the comedian. My people think I’m so funny when I hop and jump around like Tigger. I have a special high bunny hop to match my bunny ears, hee-hee! I’m just so lively and full of joy. I will thrive in a supportive and loving household. I’m strong, smart, intuitive, and playful. People say I’m just so special and one of a kind. I know I can make you laugh and smile and give you endless love and kisses.

Medical Note: Zuri received a Pro Heart 12 injection on October 12, 2023. Pro Heart 12 protects against heartworm disease for 12 months. She will only require Nexguard each month for flea/tick prevention until September 2024. For October 2024, she will require a new prescription for Nexguard and Heartguard or Advantage Multi for year-round ongoing preventative treatment.

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All dogs available for adoption with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex come fully vaccinated, including lepto, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and heartworm tested (and are on heartworm/flea preventative while in our care). At adoption, adopters receive a 6-week free trial of pet insurance.

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