Tater and Tot

Breed:  Tater-Jack Russell Terrier Mix and Tot-Dachshund-Chihuahua Mix
Approx. DOB: Tater-November 17, 2022 and Tot-August 17, 2022
Weight: Tater-11 lbs and Tot-8 lbs
Sex: Tater-Male and Tot-Female
Energy Level:  medium to high energy
Adoption Fee:  $1,150.00

-Tater and Tot are a bonded pair and must be adopted together
-If there is another dog in the home, it should be of similar size with compatible energy level
-If there are children in the home, they must be 10+ years old and respectful of a dog’s boundaries
-Tater and Tot’s home must have a fully secured fenced yard (no apartments)

SCAR interviewed Tater and Tot to see what their pup-sonalities are all about!

SCAR: Hi Tater and Tot, it’s so nice to meet you both! Can you tell us who is who?

Tater: Tot is the little flirt over there saying ‘hi’ to everyone, I’m Tater who will probably be answering all of the questions while she meets everyone.

SCAR: [laughs] Ok, thank you for introducing yourselves. What do you feel are your best qualities?

Tater: I would have to say that we complete each other. Sounds kinda corny, but I know it’s the truth. Tot is very outgoing and will go up to meet anyone, while I’m more reserved and sit back to watch the scene at first. Once I know everything is cool, then I start to open up. She’s got more confidence than I do, for sure, and I admire her for that.

Tot: Tater, don’t sell yourself short, you have a wonderful heart and are very loving and loyal. I like that you’re my strong, silent partner. It gives me more time to work the room!

SCAR: Alright, kids, time for the lightning round. We’ll ask short questions and you tell us which answer suits you best. First question, dogs or cats?

Tater: Dogs most definitely, at our foster family’s home, we would chase their cats, which was fun for us, but got us into a lot of trouble. So, we like to play with other dogs, but we would not be able to not chase any cats.

SCAR: Plush toys or tennis balls?

Tater: Well, we LOVE to tear apart a good plushie, so we are not allowed to have them anymore. Our foster Mom says we might get sick from eating the pieces. We play with tennis balls, which are super fun, and we can’t pick them apart or swallow pieces.

SCAR: House-trained or working on it?

Tot: We are still working on this, but we currently go outside every 2 hours, plus right when we wake up and after any food or drink, so we’ve been doing pretty good.

SCAR: Leash walking or car rides?

Tater: Our foster Mom says we’re pretty good when we go walking, but that we pick up everything we’re not supposed to, but we love going for walks. Car rides are not our favourite, but we know we have to go in the car sometimes to see the doctor that keeps us healthy.

SCAR: Foodie or non-foodie?

Tot: We are total foodies! We will do anything for a treat, and we are learning so many commands because of this. We just have to go for lots of walks so we can stay fit and trim!

SCAR: Crate or big bed?

Tot: We like to sleep in our own crates. Tater hogs the bed, so it’s nice to have my own space at night.

SCAR: Snuggler or not a snuggler?

Tater: We both LOVE to snuggle with each other and with our humans. We really need to be all together as much as possible, so if you enjoy your personal space, we are not the pups for you.

SCAR: Describe your perfect forever family.

Tater: We had a not-so-great start, so our perfect forever family would need to understand that we did not get the training that we should have when we were very young. Starting later in the game means we need patience, consistency, and understanding. We’re getting the hang of most things that puppies our age already know, but would love a family ready to spend the time needed to give us training as well as socialization to help us become good canine citizens. We know we’ll get there, as long as we have a family that has the time, energy, and commitment for us. We would so love a big yard to play in because we love to chase and wrestle, and need to get our zoomies out. But, most importantly, we want a family that will love us unconditionally and care for the both of us for the rest of our lives.

SCAR: Thank you for your time, you two. That perfect family is out there for you!

Medical Note: Tater and Tot are being given Heartguard and Nexguard each month. They will require these medications year-round to prevent heartworm, flea, and tick infections.

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Tater playing with ice cubes
Tater & Tot playing