Tanner – ON HOLD

Breed:  Miniature Pinscher Mix
Approx. DOB: December 15, 2022
Weight: 11 lbs
Sex: Male
Energy Level:  medium to high energy
Adoption Fee:  $600.00

-Tanner should be in a home with another dog, with compatible energy level
-If there are children in the home, they must be 12+ years old and respectful of a dog’s boundaries
-Tanner’s home must have a fully secured fenced yard (no apartments)

SCAR interviewed Tanner to see what his pup-sonality is all about!

SCAR: Tanner, it’s so nice to meet you! Can you tell us, what’s the best thing about you?

Tanner: I would have to say my goofy personality! I love to play and make people laugh, I’m still pretty young, so I can be a little clumsy sometimes.

SCAR: We’re going to play a game of lightning round, we will say a couple of things and you tell us which one suits you best. Dogs or cats?

Tanner: I love my dog foster sibling, she is really fun to pester. She’s about 40 lbs and a little older than me, and we run around in the backyard to play and cuddle together once we’re back inside.

SCAR: House-trained or working on it?

Tanner: Well, I’m working on it, but as long as I get reminded to go outside to potty, and someone can recognize my cues, I’ve been doing pretty good. Except, sometimes I get nervous, then I tend to have problems with my house-training. I’m sure I’ll get there.

SCAR: Tennis balls or tug-of-war?

Tanner: My foster sibling and I have fun playing tug-of-war, sometimes she even pulls me through the house since I’ll never let go, but what can I say? It’s a pretty fun ride!

SCAR: Snuggles or no?

Tanner: Most definitely a snuggle guy. The closer I can get to you, the better.

SCAR: Walks or car rides?

Tanner: I love going for car rides. I have my very own booster seat and seatbelt, and I can watch as we cruise the streets. Walking isn’t my favourite thing, mostly because I’m a little scared that when we leave the house, I might get left behind and never fed again, just like before. I’m trying to be braver about it, but it’s hard to trust again.

SCAR: Midday naps or go-go-go all day?

Tanner: I love a good midday nap, especially since I’m still young and need to re-energize for playtime!

SCAR: How would you describe your perfect forever family?

Tanner: I think my perfect forever family would be one that understands my youth and to have patience with me while helping me to learn and train. I would love a family that has another dog that doesn’t mind a younger dog like me who wants to play and will help me build my confidence in trusting people and situations that are unfamiliar. Really, I just want a family to love me no matter what, that will treat me as one of them, and will cuddle with me for the rest of my days.

SCAR: Thank you so much, Tanner. You’re so great, we know the right family will find you.

Medical Note: Tanner is being given Heartguard and Nexguard each month. He will require these medications year-round to prevent heartworm, flea, and tick infections.

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All dogs available for adoption with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex come fully vaccinated, including lepto, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and heartworm tested (and are on heartworm/flea preventative while in our care). At adoption, adopters receive a 6-week free trial of pet insurance.

SCAR cannot adopt animals to the United States and we can only adopt within a 200 km radius of Windsor, Ontario. Please do not apply if you do not live in Ontario, within 200 kms of Windsor.