Bert & Ernie

Breed:  Shih Tzu Mix (Bert has a black & white coat and Ernie has cream & white coat)
Approx. DOB: January 25, 2019
Weight: Bert-16.7 lbs Ernie-9.7 lbs
Sex: Male
Energy Level:  medium energy
Adoption Fee:  $950.00

-fully secured fenced yard
-no apartments
-if children in the home, must be 10+ years old and respectful of a dog’s boundaries
-no cats or small animals in the home
-Bert and Ernie must be adopted as a pair

Bert Pup-sonality:
Bert here, I think it’s time we got to know each other. I might be a little nervous at first when I meet you, but once I know that I can trust you, we will be great friends.

I love to go for walks every day to get my exercise, and it lets me check out the neighbourhood. I walk very well on my leash as long as I can check out some smells and maybe say ‘hi’ to another dog along the way. I really like to chase skittery animals, so I probably shouldn’t live in a home with cats or other small animals. I am very treat-motivated and will show you how well I can sit, stay, or come when called with just a little crinkle-crinkle. I like to play tug of war with my best pal, Ernie. Speaking of Ernie, he is everything to me and helps me not feel so scared, especially when going to the vet or someplace new.

I am house-trained and crate-trained, but I’m a good boy when it comes to hanging out in the house, as long as Ernie is with me. I don’t mind being brushed, but it might take me a while to trust you with my precious paws. Most of the time, I’m pretty laid-back and like to lay across the back of a couch or snuggle up somewhere for a nice nap. I do always appreciate a good scritch behind the ears. I like some time to myself throughout the day, and if you leave me and Ernie at home for a few hours, we will throw you a ticker-tape parade when you come back (with some good treats, I hope!).

If you’re looking for a sweet, calm dog with lots of love to give and some bursts of playfulness, check out Ernie and me!

Ernie Pup-sonality:
My name is Ernie and I am part of a fantastic pairing with my partner-in-snuggles, Bert. Bert and I love to hang out all day, going for walks, playing with toys, and snuggling with our humans. I can be shy sometimes, but if Bert tells me a human or other dog is ok, then I’m all in to say hello.

I can be the life of the party once I’m comfortable, I will chase any thrown ball (although I’m still working on bringing it back) and I love to wrestle and play tug of war. I can sit, stay, and come when called; especially if there’s a treat involved. I really like my special chews and can get a little possessive of them sometimes.

I am house-trained and crate-trained, but I may try to mark my territory when I first get to a new place so I may need a belly band to start in a new environment, but once I’m settled, I shouldn’t feel the need to do that anymore. I love to sleep in bed with my humans but will sleep in my own dog bed if there isn’t enough room for me on the big bed. I will follow you everywhere you go and snuggle in your lap every chance I get. I really like to run around a nice, big yard so I hope you’ve got plenty of room for me to make it my own.

If you’re looking for a loving, cuddly boy that is full of love and energy, check out Bert and me!

Medical Note: Bert & Ernie were given Pro Heart 12 on January 27, 2022 (this medication protects against heartworm disease for 12 months) and therefore only require Nexguard each month for flea/tick prevention until December 2022. For January 2023, they will require a new prescription of Nexguard and Heartguard or Advantage Multi for year-round ongoing preventative treatment. 

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All dogs available for adoption with Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex come fully vaccinated, including lepto, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and heartworm tested (and are on heartworm/flea preventative while in our care). At adoption, adopters receive a 6-week free trial of pet insurance.

SCAR does not have the resources to adopt animals to the United States and we can only adopt within a 200 km radius of Windsor, Ontario. Please do not apply if you do not live in Ontario, within 200 kms of Windsor.