Adopt a Cat

Cat Adoption Applicant Agreement

  1. I hereby give permission to Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex to contact my veterinarian(s) to verify any and all animals that I currently have or have had within the past 5 years and to confirm their vaccination records and healthcare provided.
  2. I understand that my home will be subject to screening during an adoption process.
  3. I understand and agree that the care, feeding, training and well-being of an animal is an ADULT RESPONSIBILITY even if there are children in my home.
  4. I understand that I may not be able to adopt the animal that I have chosen if my lifestyle or home do not match the requirements of the animal.
  5. I certify that all information provided in my application is true and correct.
  6. I understand that the application remains the property of Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex.
  7. I understand that Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone.

Please answer all questions in full detail. Allow for a minimum of 72 hours for response from an Adoption Associate. We reserve the right to discard any applications that have not been completed in full.

By proceeding with the cat adoption application, I certify that I have read and understood the information provided above.

Please read all the above statements before proceeding to the application. 


Questions? Contact an Adoption Associate at